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Freebie for Pride

Freebie: Pride Tee

Freebie: Pride Tee

Last Sunday, Thorn Andel asked me if I could make a t-shirt to be given out free this week, during the International Pride celebration at Sky Ranch. I’d have little time to make it, but I liked the idea. He sent me a logo to be placed on the shirt, so I would only have to worry about the texture of the shirt itself. It’s not an amazing tee, but, considering the short time I had to work on it, I think the result is good.

I don’t know for how long he’ll be giving it out, so, if you want one of these tees, I suggest you to visit Sky Ranch as soon as possible.

Unlike the shirts we sell at the Havana stores (at The Gayborhood and at Gay World), this one is no mod. Nonetheless, it comes on the jacket layer and on the shirt and underpants layers.

So, again, to get yours, please visit Sky Ranch ( Run!


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