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Trinidad: A Coat as You’ve Never Seen

Finally, our new release is here: a coat as you’ve never seen before.

Trinidad Coat - Yellow

Trinidad Coat - Yellow

The Trinidad Coat comes in three different colors: yellow, gray and green. Its collar and cuffs are sculpted prims with resizer scripts made by Keebo in a way that allows you to adjust depth and width independently, according to your avatar’s build.

Trinidad Coat - Gray

Trinidad Coat - Gray

Trinidad Coat - Green

Trinidad Coat - Green

I have opted, again, for a somewhat clean, basic design, that highlights the details – the collar with it’s presence, freedom of movement, and the twin buttons.

As always, you can buy the coats individually or in packs, along with the sweaters that you see on the pics. Summarizing:

– Trinidad Coat (in yellow, gray or green): L$ 175

– Pack: Trinidad Coat + Summer Breeze Sweater (yellow coat + wine sweater, gray coat + beige sweater or green coat + beige sweater): L$ 225

Where can you find them?

Havana at The Gayborhood (in SL)

Havana at Gay World (in SL)

Havana at Sky Tower (in SL)

Havana at Zeus Men’s Mall (in SL)

Havana on Xstreetsl

Havana on Apez

*On a technical note: the collar and the cuffs were made in Blender, in a way that aims to reduce LOD (level of details) issues.


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