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Store News

Just as in the rest of Second Life, HAVANA is always going through changes to bring you a better experience. In that vein, we are proud to announce our new location in the Zeus Men’s Mall at Gay City Cologne.

Zeus Men's Mall

Zeus Men's Mall

This store is just outside the Zeus Club, popular with both European and Western crowds. Come shopping with us, then head up to the club for one of their nightly dances.

Our friends at Gay World have also renovated the whole sim, giving it a Mediterranean feel. After being out commission for a couple of days while the renovations were taking place, we were able to move into our beautiful new storefront.

Havana at Gay World - outside

Havana at Gay World - outside

Ricco took this opportunity to work his decorating magic on the inside of the store with new walls, floors and ceilings. (This theme has also been extended to our Zeus Men’s Mall location as well.)

Havana at Gay World - Inside

Havana at Gay World - Inside

And finally, although this is a work in progress, we are in the process of converting our main store at The Gayborhood from the vendors to individual hanging clothes in order to give you a better feel for how our designs look in 3D. (Many thanks to Ricco for the long hours he’s put into this project.)

Havana at Gay World - Inside

Havana at The Gayborhood - Inside

Our full list of locations:
Havana at The Gayborhood (in SL)
Havana at Gay World (in SL)
Havana at Sky Tower (in SL)
Havana at Zeus Men’s Mall (NEW STORE in SL)
Havana on XStreetSL
Havana on Apez


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