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Time to thank our friends and offer a new freebie

It is true that Havana is still “young” (and fresh, I hope), but we have already had many people visiting and buying, many people helping us build a successful story, giving us feedback, telling their friends about us, supporting our efforts… In short, our customers and friends have been amazing to us. Thinking of them and of our future visitors, we decided to offer a new freebie to all: the Havana Rugby Shirt.

Freebie: Havana Rugby Shirt

Freebie: Havana Rugby Shirt

The Rugby Shirt comes in jacket and shirt layers, to increase “wearability”. It is delivered for free to all those who join our Subscribe-O-Matic group. For those who don’t know the Subscribe-O-Matic system, let me say: it works in a different way from the traditional Second Life groups. It is a message system that works in SL but which is hosted somewhere else. For that reason, it doesn’t occupy space on your SL group list and still allows you to be informed of new releases and events of your favorite stores, clubs and so on. We use it as a way to be in touch with the Havana customers and friends. If you want to join, just look for the subscribing board in our stores – and get your freebie. The ones who are already on Havana’s ‘Subscribo’ group will receive the Rugby Shirt automatically – no need to do anything other than accept the gift.

You can find our in-world stores here:
Havana at The Gayborhood
Havana at Gay World
Havana at Sky Tower
Havana at Zeus Men’s Mall


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