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Against Content Theft in SL

Content theft has become one of the most discussed issues in SL. I have been reading so much about it recently – that something has to be done, that nothing can or should be done about it, that creators only complain when it’s their creations that are being stolen, but that there are a lot of RL items being copied and dragged into SL and no one talks about it (this is a poor and low argument against content creators in SL, btw). Well, this is a tough subject, but if you think it’s time to take action against it, maybe you would be interested in the Step Up! Campaign. I don’t know the organizers of the campaign, what’s the extent of that initiative, but you could give it a try too, if you feel like it. You can read about the Step Up! Campaign here: The big day is coming on Nov. 5.


2 responses

  1. what big day? tell me more

    November 4, 2009 at 1:55 am

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