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Fashion Contest Today!

This is the big day for the Fashion Showdown 2009: the fashion show, today, Nov 15, 1PM SL time, here: Havana is taking part of the contest, with the Modern Bucanero Outfit for men.

Havana's Modern Bucanero Outfit

Havana's Modern Bucanero Outfit (Model: Andreas Barrowstone)

Inspired by the traditional buccaneers of the late 17th century, Havana’s Modern Bucanero, by Ricco Saenz, is a casual outfit for the contemporary man. It brings back some elements of the past, translated into the present, to create a wearable modern look with an adventurous, spanish touch.

About the contest, from their site: “Each partipant will receive a pack of seamless fabric textures valued at 250L to be used to develop their submission for the fashion show. The designers would have complete freedom to design in any style they would.”

Interesting, no? Why not go there and check out what the designers did? The results are amazing, really!


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