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A New Man (Hunt), A New Prize By HAVANA And A New Hat On Sale

As part of our continuous work to offer our customers different options in the male fashion market in Second Life, HAVANA joined an innovative initiative that took off today, Feb. 1st. It is called A New Man Hunt. It is not a traditional hunt. Instead, it is a system that rewards the customers of the stores taking part in this gridwide event: each store has at least two products involved – you buy one of them and get the other one for free. And this is what the HAVANA boys prepared for you:

HAVANA's Beach Flower Shirt

HAVANA's Beach Flowers Shirt

Different, right? Yes, for this hunt HAVANA is offering a brand new creation, the Beach Flowers Shirt. It is an open shirt with sculpted collar and flex prim bottom – actually, our first product of this kind. Unlike most of the prim ending shirts out there, we decided to add not a couple of big flex prims to its base, but a larger number of thinner prims, designed to respond better to movement and wind. In other words: we tried to make the shirt “wave” more freely. We hope you like the result. The flex prims are adjustable and, though they come with mod permissions, they are also scripted, so it’s easier to change their size, length, etc.

In order to get the shirt for free, one can buy another new creation of ours: the HAVANA Bowler. It is inspired by the traditional black bowlers, which are always elegant, but with a different touch: the stars appearing on its left side. Actually, it goes very well with the Beach Flowers Shirt.



As for the New Man Hunt, it works like this: it uses a new system by Miro Collas called “Take your Pick”. Whenever someone buys an item involved in the hunt, they also receive a hud ticket called either “A New Man – Hunt Card/HUD” or “Take You Pick – Hunt Card/HUD”. Each participating store has a validation device. HAVANA’s is at our store at The Gayborhood. Every ticket has to be validated at all the stores before a prize is redeemed at the end. In order to claim their prizes, after validating the tickets, one should go to Animations Rising. The more items one buys, the more prizes they can claim. The hunt runs for the whole month of February 2010. Further information on the system, the participating stores and the prizes can be found on the A New Man Gridwide Hunt blog (

– HAVANA Beach Flowers Shirt (with sculpted collar and flex prim ending): temporarily offered as a gift for the New Man Hunt.
– HAVANA Bowler: L$ 175 (it comes with the hud ticket to claim your gift).

In order to find the HAVANA items for the New Man Hunt, please go to:
– Havana at The Gayborhood (in SL)

Our other stores (in case you wanna check them):
– Havana at Gay World (in SL)
– Havana at Sky Tower (in SL)
– Havana at Zeus Men’s Mall (in SL)
– Havana on Apez (internet webpage)
Havana on Meta-Life (internet webpage)
– Havana on XstreetSL (internet webpage)


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