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A Daring Casual Open Shirt and a Charming Bowler Hat: HAVANA’s New Releases

This is a week of new releases: besides our freebie for the Make Him Over Hunt 3 (check our post about it), we finally bring to you the commercial version of the HAVANA Beach Flowers Shirt and the HAVANA Bowler hat.

The HAVANA Beach Flower Shirt and the HAVANA Bowler look great together

The HAVANA Beach Flowers Shirt and the HAVANA Bowler look great together and are being offered in a discount pack

The Beach Flowers Shirt was conceived a while ago, for the New Man Hunt, but hadn’t had a commercial release – up to now. It is an innovative design for HAVANA, since its lower part is made of a series of flexi prims, which give the shirt a nice movement when one walks around in it. The shirt comes open, which adds to the casual atmosphere that it creates, and can be worn with a tank top or, if you want to be more daring, with nothing under it, in order to show some bare chest.

HAVANA Beach Flowers Shirt

The HAVANA Beach Flowers Shirt comes open and has flexi prims conceived to give it more movement

The HAVANA Bowler is  exactly what its name says: a bowler hat. Since we first made it (also a while ago) we worked on the base sculpt in order to improve it. We came up with this version which is being released now (the ones who have bought it before have already received the new version for free). A bowler is always a nice hat and goes with many different outfits, both casual and formal ones. But to be more fresh and vibrant without having its versatility reduced, the HAVANA Bowler comes in a texture that displays some white stars against a black felt background.

The HAVANA Bowler

The HAVANA Bowler

Since the HAVANA Bowler and the Beach Flowers Shirt look great together, we decided to offer them not only as individual items, but also in a discount pack. Sounds good? So, go check them at the HAVANA store at The Gayborhood! (For now, it is only available there; soon we will offer them at the other stores, too).

– HAVANA Beach Flowers Shirt (with flexi prims): L$ 175
– HAVANA Bowler Hat: L$ 175
– HAVANA Beach Flowers Shirt + HAVANA Bowler Hat (discount pack): L$ 275

You can find them at:
HAVANA at The Gayborhood (


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