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Havana On the Docks, your department store

Havana Docks Invite

Havana invitation: click on the image to enlarge it

This Sunday, May 30, you are invited to the Grand Opening of HAVANA On the Docks, your new department store for male avatars in Second Life. Take note: May 30, 1PM-3:30PM SL Time at The Gayborhood. The event starts with a fashion show followed by a party with DJ Erasmus Weatherwax. (Please notice that, though the Havana Docks sim is set to “mature”, The Gayborhood, which is the neighboring sim, where the fashion show will take place, is “adult” and requires your av to be age verified).

Havana On the Docks brings together different designers

Havana On the Docks brings together selected designers

Casual clothes by Havana

Casual clothes by Havana

Skins by Ricochet

Skins by Ricochet

HAVANA On the Docks brings together the HAVANA collection and other designers’ creations, in order to offer a variety of items for male avatars in SL. To start with, we will be featuring casual clothes by Ricco Saenz and Keebo Kidd (HAVANA), skins by Allan Eizenhart (Ricochet), leather items by Gareth Sodwind (Leather Bound), silks by Vrat Skytower (5th Tower) and jewelry by Puck Optera (Family Jewels). This is just the beginning: we already have plans to expand the offerings.

HAVANA On the Docks is an initiative by the HAVANA boys to enhance their customers shop experience and, at the same time, highlight promising designers with a great potential in SL. It is not a mall where you have to keep running up and down to find what you want – it is a department store where you can easily locate the items you are searching for.

Leather items by Leather Bound

Leather items by Leather Bound

Silks by 5th Tower

Silks by 5th Tower

Each department is under the responsibility of a different designer, who can be fully concentrated in offering the best in the category of items that they are designing for. Thus, our customers win in quality and convenience.

So, do you like the idea? Why don’t you go there and check for yourself? The new HAVANA On the Docks store is located at Havana Docks 152, 185, 22. And, again, the grand opening is scheduled to happen at The Gayborhood (the neighboring sim) next Sunday, May 30, 1PM-3:30PM SLT.

We hope you enjoy it!

Ricco Saenz and Keebo Kidd

Jewels by Family Jewels

Jewels by Family Jewels

PS: The HAVANA On the Docks store replaces the HAVANA store at The Gayborhood. So, if you arrive at The Gayborhood and do not see our store there, please, remember: we just moved to the neighboring sim, which is called Havana Docks. There will be a teleporter and a guided boat where the old store used to be, to take our customers to the new store.

PPS: The HAVANA stores at other places (Gay World, Sky Tower, and Zeus Men’s Mall) are still there. You are welcome to visit them anytime.

PPS: As we said before, HAVANA On the Docks has plans to expand the range of products that it offers to its customers. If you are a designer and would like to join us, please, contact Ricco Saenz or Keebo Kidd. We only request that: a) your items be suitable for human/hybrid male avatars and b) your items be of a different kind from the ones that the store already offers (HAVANA On the Docks is a department store, not a shopping mall). If you think this is the case, send us a message and we will be pleased to consider your participation.

The Havana On the Docks store

The Havana On the Docks store


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