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A Hat With Alternative Textures and Colors (at a Discounted Price) + New Flaming Pants at Havana

The HAVANA On The Docks fashion show and opening party was a blast! Thank you all who attended; we hope you enjoyed it. We will soon post some pictures of that great event. Meanwhile, I am happy to announce that HAVANA keeps celebrating the opening of the new department store with two special releases: the Havana Fedora (with different patterns for you to choose and at a discounted prize only during June) and the Azazello Pants.

The Havana Fedora: buy the hat and get these three textures

The Havana Fedora: buy the hat and get these three textures

The Havana Fedora is a classic model made more contemporary by means of some colorful, expressive plaid patterns – and you do not even have to choose which one you would like to have: it comes scripted, with the three different options. Just click on it and choose the color that best fits your outfit and your spirit each day.

Azazello and his pants: front view

Azazello and his pants: front view

The Azazello Pants is actually one of the first creations by me. It was especially made for Azazello Zeluco, who, after a while, generously contacted me to let me know that, if I would like to release the pants to Havana’s customers, he would be pleased to share the design with other guys. So, here it is. Made in (virtual) leather, the Azazello pants feature some hot flames around the legs and devil horns on the back part.

Azazello Pants: back view

Azazello Pants: back view

– Havana Fedora: L$ 175 (discounted price to celebrate the HAVANA On The Docks opening; the hat comes with 3 different textures: red plaid, black plaid and blue plaid).
– Havana Azazello Pants: L$ 125.

You can buy them at:
HAVANA On The Docks
Havana at Zeus Men’s Mall
Havana on XstreetSL
Havana on apez


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