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Your department store for men in SL

As I briefly mentioned on another post, we have plans to expand HAVANA On The Docks and have started selecting designers to join the project. The idea is to have a store that covers virtually anything that a human or humanoid male avatar may search for in Second Life, in terms of clothes and body accessories. So, if you are a designer and may be interested in joining us, please get in touch.

HAVANA On The Docks is a department store – not a shopping mall. We intend to have a selected designer in charge of each specific department (or maybe in charge of two departments, but not much more than that), instead of many a designer offering the same kind of products or only one designer making various kinds of products. We believe that, this way, we can achieve two different objectives.

First, our customers will be able to easily find what they are searching for, with no need for running up and down to check different stores that offer the same things (which may happen in a mall) or to find the specific products that they would like to buy. In a department store, all the sections are rationally organized and if one wants, for instance, some casual clothes, they can go directly to the casual clothes section.

Second, a department store like HAVANA On The Docks, with different, selected designers in charge of different departments, may mean some exposure for the ones who join the project. This may be particularly useful for new designers who have a great potential but find it difficult to start or promote their business in Second Life.

The conditions for the ones who would like to join us are very attractive, I should say: we do not charge rent, just a commission on sales to help us pay the sim where HAVANA On The Docks is located (which means that your contribution is proportional to what you sell, there is no risk of you having to pay more than what you receive); we allow people to advertise their own brands under certain conditions, so that not only HAVANA On The Docks gets promoted, but also the specific designers who are in charge of each department; and last but not least, we encourage designers to use some of our means of contact with our customers (our blog, our in-world message system, etc.) to inform of new releases and other subjects.

So, if you are a designer of items for male avatars in SL and would like to join us in the HAVANA On The Docks project:
– please, visit HAVANA On The Docks ( and check if the kind of items that you design are not being offered at the store yet;
– if your products are of a different category than the ones being offered at the store, please get in touch with Ricco Saenz or Keebo Kidd via Second Life IM, via email ( or by answering to this post. Once you do that, we will check your products, talk further on the conditions for joining HAVANA On The Docks, etc. Remember we do not require that you have a great collection of items, new designers (or experienced ones) are welcome.

If you are interested, do not hesitate, we are waiting for your message.


Havana On the Docks brings together different designers

Havana On the Docks brings together different designers


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