Your clothing store for men in Second Life

Havana: Our New Addresses

Your clothing store for men in SL

Your clothing store for men in SL

HAVANA On The Docks Logo

Your department store for men in SL

As a result of a series of decisions – some by ourselves and some by others – all HAVANA stores have been moving.

The process started with Zeus Men’s Mall redesign, which led HAVANA’s store there to move a little further to the left of where it used to be. Not a big move, but still…

A major change happened, though, when we pushed ahead the HAVANA On The Docks project and opened our department store in our own sim (Havana Docks). The new sim is adjacent to The Gayborhood Island, where our main store used to be. We moved our store to the new place and now, on The Gayborhood, you can find a teleporter to HAVANA On The Docks.

While we were still moving to the Havana Docks sim, we were informed that Gay World, where we also have a store, was about to be completely transformed. We will still have a shop at the new Gay World, which will probably open next week (and believe me, it looks amazing, I am really excited about the redesign of the sim), but due to the big transformation there, we will be far from where we originally were.

Finally, we also decided to open a store at Castro Beach and, at the same time, learned that the Sky Mall would close. So, as a result of all these moves, we are updating our landmarks and slurl addresses as follows:

– HAVANA @ HAVANA On The Docks:
– HAVANA @ Zeus Men’s Mall:
– HAVANA @ Gay World:
– HAVANA @ Castro Beach:


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