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Jewels For Men? Why Not?

A traditional wing on the fashion spectrum has always stated that men’s jewelry should be limited to the functional: watches, cuff links and items like that. Nonetheless, there have been guys out there who have made their way with the help of bracelets, necklaces, chains combined with button-down shirts, tanks, open collars, folded sleeves… It’s all a matter of style – and it is not different in Second Life. For the guys who like to compose their outfits with some jewels, desginer Puck Optera has been offering interesting options at HAVANA On The Docks.

Jewels by Puck Optera

Designer Puck Optera in the center, wearing a Simple Gold Crucifix with Emerald and Gold Emerald Double Stud Earrings; above him, Trout, wearing a Caged Gemstone Silver Chain with Ammolite and Silver Hoop Earrings; below, Toby is wearing a Simple Silver Crucifix with Peridot and Gold & Silver Hoop Earrings; on the right, Gali, wearing a Gold Chained Granite Star with Garnet and Gold Hoop Earrings; and, on the left, Hawk is wearing a Double Stud Gold Chain With Emerald and Gold Hoop Earrings.

Puck has been working with different gems (ammolite, peridot, emerald, rodochrosite, etc.) on gold, silver and platinum. Recently, he has released a whole new line of chains for L$ 300 each.

– Chains by Family Jewels (designer Puck Optera): L$ 300.
– Where: HAVANA On The Docks (


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