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Go With Linen!

HAVANA Linen Pullovers: three different options for you

New at HAVANA: Linen Pullovers in three different versions, with sculpted bunched sleeves and slightly transparent

Second Life has amazingly different kinds of sims – still, the traditional tropical, summer themed ones are among the most appealing environments when people think of a place to live, to meet friends or to have an outdoor party. What can one wear there if they want to go beyond the customary no-shirt outfit? My suggestion: go with linen. Linen is widely praised for its coolness and freshness and, although it is one of the oldest known textiles, it can produce a classy, urbane look even on casual clothes. With that in mind, the HAVANA boys have been developing a new linen line, and the first results are here: the HAVANA Linen Pullovers, in three different options, all of them with sculpted bunched sleeves – and slightly transparent, for we wanted them to be really cool, fresh and (why not?) manly sexy.

The Pistachio Linen Pullover

In the morning: the Havana Linen Pistachio Pullover

I spent a day at the beach and tried all the three models. In the beginning of the day, I went for a walk at Blake Sea with the Linen Pistachio Pullover, which combines the natural color of the fabric with some light, vivid but smooth green. It looked very good under the morning light.

HAVANA Linen Paint Pullover

Walking during sunset in a HAVANA Linen Painted Pullover

In the afternoon, while visiting the wrecks of a plane, I had the Linen Painted Pullover on. The pinkish, salmon color applied to the crude linen turned out amazing at sunset.

HAVANA Linen Blue Touch Pullover

A HAVANA Blue Touch Pullover for the warm evening

Finally, in the warm evening of that tropical landscape, I chose the Linen Blue Touch Pullover. Of course, one can switch them and choose different options than mine for each part of the day. I bet it will still look great.

So, summarizing:
– Linen Pistachio Pullover (with sculpted bunched sleeves): L$ 125.
– Linen Painted Pullover (with sculpted bunched sleeves): L$ 125.
– Linen Blue Touch Pullover (with sculpted bunched sleeves): L$ 125.
– Linen Pullovers Fat Pack (Pistachio, Painted and Blue Touch): L$ 300.

You can buy them at:
HAVANA @ HAVANA On The Docks (in SL)
HAVANA @ Gay World (in SL)
HAVANA @ Zeus Men’s Mall (in SL)
HAVANA @ Castro Beach
HAVANA on apez (on the web)
HAVANA on XstreetSL (on the web)
(Click on the options above to open the slurl and teleport to them, in case they are stores in SL, or to open the web page, for our product lists on the web)

SL pics for this post were taken at different Blake Sea regions. This time I used no modeling poses, only my traditional Vista AO. My skin is the Tristan Tan one, by Ricochet (designer Allan Eizenhart), which you can find at HAVANA On The Docks. My hair is the Nick model by UncleWeb Studio (or UWSt.). Eyes by LaFleur (designer Fleur Ferris), which you can also find at HAVANA On The Docks. My shape is a traditional Chad Avatar Shape (believe it or not) tweaked by myself. My tattos are a freebie that I found long ago at Maschinenwerk. My body hair comes from Kustom and my swimwear, from Get Butch. Have I forgotten anything?


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