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49 L Sale For Dudes, 2nd Edition

It is time for the 2nd edition of the successful 49 L Sale for Dudes, running from Aug. 15 until Aug. 21 – and HAVANA is featuring its Bowler Hat in the event. The hat normally costs L$ 175 but during this week we will sell it for only L$ 49. Yes, it is a 72% discount!

The HAVANA Bowler

The HAVANA Bowler Hat

As in the 1st edition, all stores taking part in this sale are offering some item for L$ 49, well below its normal price. The discounted merchandise can be identified by the Dude Arrow:

49 Linden Hunt Marker

49 L Sale Marker

We will have a vendors available for you to purchase the HAVANA Bowler Hat from at our HAVANA On the Docks location, at

More information on the 49 L Sale for Dudes can be found at

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