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The Hunt Has Started!

The anxiously awaited Make Him Over Hunt 4 (Sep. 20 – Oct. 20) has started in Second Life and HAVANA is pleased to present its gift for the participants. It’s a special edition of our new Andy Outfit, which will very soon be released in its commercial version.

Andy Outfit, special edition: grey pants, white T-shirt and Red vest

HAVANA's gift: Andy Outfit, special edition (grey pants showing the top of the undies, white T-shirt and red vest)

The Andy Outfit was inspired by a great friend of ours, model Andreas Barrowstone. It is made of low-rise pants that allow one to show part of their undies (but just the very top of it, insinuating more than it really exposes), a basic T-shirt with some nice detail on the front part and a beautiful vest with floral motifs that enhance that casual ensemble, giving it a touch of class.

The special edition given as a hunt gift combines grey pants and undies in one layer, along with the white T-shirt and the red vest. It is very practical for the SL resident: just 2 double clicks and one is dressed. Coming soon, the commercial version will allow one to choose from different colors of each item and combine them as they want.

In order to get your prize, please visit the HAVANA casual clothes department at HAVANA On The Docks ( And here is our hint to find out where the gift is: “Who could tell what gift one could see under the glow of the east?” Do not forget: look for a male symbol – ♂ – and click on it to get your prize. For the complete list of stores and hints, check this post on the Make Him Over blog.

Make Him Over 4 - Poster

Make Him Over Hunt 4: Sep. 20 - Oct. 20, 2010


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