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Jeepers at HAVANA On The Docks: quality shoes for men

HAVANA On The Docks Logo

Jeepers Logo

The HAVANA boys are pleased to announce that Jeepers, by designer Eponymous Trenchmouth, is now in charge of the new Shoe Department at HAVANA On The Docks. Eppy has been creating some great male shoe models in Second Life since 2006, when he created Jeepers Creepers, the brand that would soon become well-known and widely praised as JCS and JC’s – and since early 2010, Jeepers.

DB Desert Boots by Jeepers

DB Desert Boots by Jeepers (other color options available too)

At HAVANA On The Docks, Jeepers is presenting some of its most amazing shoes, including the recently released DB Desert Boots and the Havana Sandals, a classic in SL and a must have!

Havana Sandals

Havana Sandals: a classic and a must have in SL

With the arrival of Jeepers, HAVANA On the Docks is now offering shoes, casual clothes, leather items, skins, eyes, oriental clothes, jewels and silks for male avatars – all in the same store, for your convenience, gathering different designers, each one dedicating themselves to their specialty. Go check our store in SL at

(If you are a designer and wants to join us, HAVANA On The Docks is still searching for designers of quality items for male avatars. Please, read this post and get in touch with Ricco Saenz or Keebo Kidd in SL.)


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