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The Hunt Season Is Open At HAVANA

The first Menstuff Hunt, successor of the original Make Him Over Hunt, officially started yesterday, Jan. 29, in Second Life. You have until Feb. 28 to visit about 150 stores dedicated to fashion for male avatars in Second Life and collect your gifts. Of course, HAVANA is there with a special prize for our hunters: another sample of the new collection we will release during the next weeks – and this pre-release outfit, a sexy one, made of classic pants and a loose flexi tie, is for free until the hunt ends. Do not miss it.

HAVANA's gift for Menstuff hunters

HAVANA's gift for Menstuff hunters: classic pants (with prim cuffs and a prim belt) and a loose flexi tie

How it works:
– To collect your gift at HAVANA, go to the HAVANA Department at HAVANA On The Docks ( and find the hunt object.
– The hunt object is a black sculpted T-shirt on which you can read “MENstuff”. Attention, the T-shirt is NOT your gift, it is just the hunt object. Click on it to collect your prize.
– A hint to find the hunt object at HAVANA: Run to the light, Carol Anne!
– HAVANA is store #93 in the hunt and you can start the circuit at any point. Once you collect a hunt gift, you will receive a landmark to the next store and, when you reach the last store on the list, you will receive a landmark to the first one.
– For a list of the stores taking part in the hunt, you can check the Menstuff Hints & SLURLS page on the Menstuff blog (the page does not have the slurls, though, only the store list and the hints to find the gift the slurls were added).


The Hunt Has Started!

The anxiously awaited Make Him Over Hunt 4 (Sep. 20 – Oct. 20) has started in Second Life and HAVANA is pleased to present its gift for the participants. It’s a special edition of our new Andy Outfit, which will very soon be released in its commercial version.

Andy Outfit, special edition: grey pants, white T-shirt and Red vest

HAVANA's gift: Andy Outfit, special edition (grey pants showing the top of the undies, white T-shirt and red vest)

The Andy Outfit was inspired by a great friend of ours, model Andreas Barrowstone. It is made of low-rise pants that allow one to show part of their undies (but just the very top of it, insinuating more than it really exposes), a basic T-shirt with some nice detail on the front part and a beautiful vest with floral motifs that enhance that casual ensemble, giving it a touch of class.

The special edition given as a hunt gift combines grey pants and undies in one layer, along with the white T-shirt and the red vest. It is very practical for the SL resident: just 2 double clicks and one is dressed. Coming soon, the commercial version will allow one to choose from different colors of each item and combine them as they want.

In order to get your prize, please visit the HAVANA casual clothes department at HAVANA On The Docks ( And here is our hint to find out where the gift is: “Who could tell what gift one could see under the glow of the east?” Do not forget: look for a male symbol – ♂ – and click on it to get your prize. For the complete list of stores and hints, check this post on the Make Him Over blog.

Make Him Over 4 - Poster

Make Him Over Hunt 4: Sep. 20 - Oct. 20, 2010

HAVANA in the Make Him Over Hunt 3

The Make Him Over Hunt (April 1st – April 30) has started in Second Life and we are proud to present our gift for its 3rd edition: the Keitash Outfit.

HAVANA Keitash Cardigan and Tank

HAVANA Keitash Cardigan and Tank

I owe the idea for this outfit to my great friend Takeshi Ugajin. When I was preparing for the hunt, I asked him what he would like to see by HAVANA and he came up with this suggestion: a tank top in white and red that could be worn with a cardigan in dark grey. I worked on it for a while and came up with the items you can see on this post. The Keitash cardigan comes on the jacket layer, with optional prim sleeves. The Keitash tank comes on the shirt layer, with the lower part on the underwear layer. Additionally, I added both together to a single piece on the jacket layer, for your convenience. Keebs and I hope you all enjoy it!

HAVANA Keitash Tank

HAVANA Keitash Tank

In order to get your prize, please visit the HAVANA store at The Gayborhood ( Do you need a hint to find out where the gift is? “Look, up there, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a frog…a frog? No, it’s the HAVANA Gift!” For the complete list of stores and hints, check this post on the Make Him Over blog.

Enjoy the hunt!

A New Man (Hunt), A New Prize By HAVANA And A New Hat On Sale

As part of our continuous work to offer our customers different options in the male fashion market in Second Life, HAVANA joined an innovative initiative that took off today, Feb. 1st. It is called A New Man Hunt. It is not a traditional hunt. Instead, it is a system that rewards the customers of the stores taking part in this gridwide event: each store has at least two products involved – you buy one of them and get the other one for free. And this is what the HAVANA boys prepared for you:

HAVANA's Beach Flower Shirt

HAVANA's Beach Flowers Shirt

Different, right? Yes, for this hunt HAVANA is offering a brand new creation, the Beach Flowers Shirt. It is an open shirt with sculpted collar and flex prim bottom – actually, our first product of this kind. Unlike most of the prim ending shirts out there, we decided to add not a couple of big flex prims to its base, but a larger number of thinner prims, designed to respond better to movement and wind. In other words: we tried to make the shirt “wave” more freely. We hope you like the result. The flex prims are adjustable and, though they come with mod permissions, they are also scripted, so it’s easier to change their size, length, etc.

In order to get the shirt for free, one can buy another new creation of ours: the HAVANA Bowler. It is inspired by the traditional black bowlers, which are always elegant, but with a different touch: the stars appearing on its left side. Actually, it goes very well with the Beach Flowers Shirt.



As for the New Man Hunt, it works like this: it uses a new system by Miro Collas called “Take your Pick”. Whenever someone buys an item involved in the hunt, they also receive a hud ticket called either “A New Man – Hunt Card/HUD” or “Take You Pick – Hunt Card/HUD”. Each participating store has a validation device. HAVANA’s is at our store at The Gayborhood. Every ticket has to be validated at all the stores before a prize is redeemed at the end. In order to claim their prizes, after validating the tickets, one should go to Animations Rising. The more items one buys, the more prizes they can claim. The hunt runs for the whole month of February 2010. Further information on the system, the participating stores and the prizes can be found on the A New Man Gridwide Hunt blog (

– HAVANA Beach Flowers Shirt (with sculpted collar and flex prim ending): temporarily offered as a gift for the New Man Hunt.
– HAVANA Bowler: L$ 175 (it comes with the hud ticket to claim your gift).

In order to find the HAVANA items for the New Man Hunt, please go to:
– Havana at The Gayborhood (in SL)

Our other stores (in case you wanna check them):
– Havana at Gay World (in SL)
– Havana at Sky Tower (in SL)
– Havana at Zeus Men’s Mall (in SL)
– Havana on Apez (internet webpage)
Havana on Meta-Life (internet webpage)
– Havana on XstreetSL (internet webpage)

Hunt for BoB and Find a New Collection of Male Sheer Undies

We have been so busy preparing new items for our customers that we did not have time to announce it before: the Brief or Boxer Hunt has just started in Second Life and HAVANA is offering a special prize for our dear hunters – the Sheer Boxer Briefs in black and dark green, released for this event.

Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs in black and green: the hunt prize

Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs in black and green: the hunt prize

The Brief or Boxer Hunt (or BoB Hunt) started today, Jan. 25, and goes until Feb. 14. If you like male underwear (who doesn’t?), do not miss it. HAVANA is the 27th store in the hunt, in a total of 29 stores. A hint to find your prize there: look to the right and be brief about it. Further information on the BoB Hunt can be found on The Hunter blog.

In order to celebrate the hunt, we also decided to release a whole new collection of Sheer Boxer Briefs (actually, the hunt gift is part of this collection). They come in different colors and, as always, you can buy them individually or combined in our discounted multi packs. Enjoy!

Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs in white and black

Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs in white and black

Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs: white and salmon, black and wine, white and blue

Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs: white and salmon, black and wine, white and blue

Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs in black and white

Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs in black and white

– Hunt Gift – Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs in black and green: you can get it for free in our store at The Gayborhood.
– Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs (in white and blue, white and salmon, white and black, black and wine or black and white): L$ 110 each.
– Havana Sheer Boxer Briefs in multicolor packs (3 different boxer briefs in each pack): L$ 250.

Our stores:
– Havana at The Gayborhood (in SL)
– Havana at Gay World (in SL)
– Havana at Sky Tower (in SL)
– Havana at Zeus Men’s Mall (in SL)
– Havana on Apez (internet webpage)

A note on the BoB Hunt: You should see a sign, at all the stores taking part of the hunt, that allows you to join the hunters group. Joining is optional, but it may help you to get updates on the event and to have your doubts solved. Please, read the group rules before joining.

Getting a freebie and helping fight AIDS

As I mentioned in the post published on November 30, Havana is taking part in the Stamp Out AIDS hunt, which goes until December 31. In this hunt, each vendor has a freebie in a small AIDS ribbon with a spinning globe. In addition, each store has a donation kiosk, which is a larger AIDS ribbon. All monies donated here will go to Bronx AIDS Services.

In order to thank our customers and the people who have been visiting our store during the hunt, we have prepared a special gift, a pre-release version of our next commercial launch: the After Hours Outfit.

Freebie: Havana After Hours Outfit

Freebie: Havana After Hours Outfit (front view)

In this version, the outfit consists of light gray pants and a yellow shirt. This combination is put together exclusively for the hunt – the commercial version will come in different colors.

Freebie: Havana After Hours Outfit (back view)

Freebie: Havana After Hours Outfit (back view)

If you visit the Havana Store at The Gayborhood during the hunt and feel inclined to, please, make a contribution to the Stamp Out AIDS campaign.

Further information on the Stamp Out AIDS hunt:
Havana ( is the 131st store in the hunt.
– The starting point is at
– The shop order is published on the GLBT Grid Wide Hunts blog.

Havana observes World AIDS Day

Dec. 1st is the official World AIDS Day. For the 2009 campaign, the theme is “Universal Access and Human Rights”. In the words of the UNAIDS Executive Director, Michel Sidibé, “that means doing everything we can to support countries to reach their universal access goals for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support – all the while protecting and promoting human rights”. Data gathered until 2009 indicates that new HIV infections have been reduced by 17% since 2001. On the other hand, there are more people, about 33.4 million, living with HIV than ever before. Those two figures are probably related to the same cause: universalization – of prevention methods (which reduced the infections) and of treatment (which made people live longer).

On this Dec. 1st, the Havana Boys would like to commemorate World AIDS Day by reminding people of the importance of fighting both HIV and the prejudice around it. Actually, it is our belief that fighting prejudice also emcompasses giving the right information about it (and helping to prevent new infections) and recognizing the rights of those infected with HIV – the right to be treated and to fully participate in their communities.

It is just a small contribution, but a freebie by Havana will be given at three different parties in Second Life on this World AIDS Day. You can get your “Fight HIV & Prejudice Jeans” at the Sky Beach party, from 12 a.m to 2 p.m. SL time, at the 80’s in Undies Party, at Gay World, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. SL time, or, after that, at the Sky Ranch party, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (big thanks to Thorn Andel, the Sky Club owner, who had the idea of giving a freebie on this date).

Fight HIV and Prejuduce Jeans (pic by Thorn Andel)

Fight HIV and Prejudice Jeans (pic by Thorn Andel)

As part of our observance of World AIDS Day and AIDS awareness, Havana will also be taking part in the Stamp Out AIDS hunt from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31 (visit our store at The Gayborhood). Each of the 182 participating vendors will have a freebie in their shop; the giver is an AIDS ribbon with a spinning globe. Each vendor will also have a donation kiosk (a larger AIDS ribbon); all monies donated here will go to Bronx AIDS Services. The starting point for the hunt is here (ATTENTION: we have originally given the wrong slurl for the starting point; the slurl is correct now). Later, we will post further on the hunt and the Havana gift for it.